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One Minute to Midnight

Hanoi, December 2016

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. This is not a new trend for me. I believe I do some of my best thinking during those twilight moments between awake and asleep, usually at 11:59pm, well aware that we get our best sleep if asleep before midnight. My point here is, that in those heavy lidded moments just before I actually cross over into la la land, my mind is writing, creating, photographing, multiple screenplays, work-plans, get rich quick schemes, get rich slowly schemes, no schemes, it is a panoply of multi-layered creative think-tasking all at the last moment. Then I get there. Sleep. It’s then the show-reel starts, and does not stop till the stirring of my two year old daughter pulls me from the depths, yanking me up by the proverbial lapels, and saying “momo-yogurt daddy?” It’s time to get up.

In those flickering moments, I have started a blockbuster of a short story for The New Yorker, created a directors cut/film reel for my new video business, have been shooting impromptu portraits of sex workers at Nana Plaza, Bangkok, and their supporting staff of cooked food vendors, conveyors of people, and sellers of fake viagra or valium, to filling out job applications in Foggy Bottom, where all of this currently happens; in my mind. Great. It’s all been in my mind, now to translate that into actual fact, action.

My life otherwise is that of an itinerant dreamer. I am the father of an amazing little person of two, the husband to an incredible spouse, friend to a few. I just want to work, and have barely had work any for a year now. Where to go from here?

This is shocking, and the reason for this blog. I have become disconnected with what I love to do, which is photography, cannot for some reason get work here in America doing what I love, and have discovered few paying outlets for someone with my rather specialized skills. It does not matter that I have photographed presidents, despots, rampaging guerrillas, gotten shot at and lived to tell the tale, worked for some of the worlds best news publications…Nope, no cigar, and no job either.

I am a former, a once was, and I have to change this. Now.

With this blog, my goal is to recenter the passion that I have for photography, and get back to working regularly, and help others in the process that my be suffering from this affliction. Short of that, at the very least I hope to entertain, and perhaps someone or something will present a eureka moment. I believe anything is possible.

More to come…


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