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A New Zealand born, New York City raised, husband, father, traveler, and photographer. With over 25 years experience in news, documentary, and travel photography, work has taken Staton to over 60 countries and counting. He loves warm climates, the beach, spending time with his family, and most of all, photographing pretty much all that he sees. 


For the past five years, Staton has been the Head of Photography for the United Nations Mission in Liberia.  He has done work for The New York Times, National Geographic, Bloomberg News, The Associated Press, European Press Photo Agency, The Guardian, The Australian, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Monocle Magazine, and many others.  He has work on permanent display at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.


"Over the years my vision and world view has changed. These days I want to focus on the issues that face all people everywhere. These are big issues too, they challenge all of us.  Access to clean water, affordable health care, food security, alternative energy, sustainable living, and how we can achieve these goals while dealing with a rapidly changing environment."


"My goal is to present images that show what developing countries are doing to resolve the issues that the developed world take for granted.  In some ways underdeveloped countries are already more prepared for the difficulties ahead that climate change will bring, and will be able to make a smoother transition because they are already doing more with less."

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